How Big is Your Baby When You Are 5 Months Pregnant?

At 5 months, this is the time to delight in both your baby and your changing shape. Interact, sing, talk, and even listen to music, but most of all, notice all the reactions as they come. It is an incredible experience!

5 Month Pregnancy Guidelines

Congratulations! This month is a reason enough for celebration-you have successfully navigated to the midway point of your pregnancy. Five months or 20 weeks pregnancy generally marks the midway point. Usually, pregnancy is summed as 40 weeks (9 months) from when your last period began if you complete the full term. Nowadays, at five months, a turn to either side will reveal a noticeable change to your profile-you certainly look pregnant now.


The size and growth of the belly size during the 5th month of pregnancy varies from woman to woman. It is usually dependent on your body index mass. Moreover, your 5 months pregnant belly is also dependent on the amount of amniotic fluid and nutritional diet (foods rich in animal-product, for instance, have high-fat content compared to plant-based products and may, therefore, contribute to bigger bellies).

If you are yet to feel round ligament pains, then be prepared. These are sharp pains in your abdomen, groin, or hip and they are perfectly normal. As your uterus develops, the round ligaments, usually attached to the sidewall of your pelvis on either side of the upper uterus, are stretched and pulled. What’s more, your uterus’ top is just about to level with the belly button, and by now, you have of course added some extra pounds. Expect to add to your weight with each week henceforth. You are feeding for two now, remember?

5 Months Pregnancy Baby Size

A 5 months pregnant baby size is usually the size of a banana fruit. The baby may already have thin eyebrows and some hair sprouting from the head. Your baby now weighs approximately 11 ounces and at about 7-inches long, he/she is filling up more of the space in the womb. Although still fragile and small, your baby is developing rapidly and could likely survive, if he/she was born at this time.


If until last month you were yet to feel your baby’s presence, you will certainly do so now considering the bulkiness. He/she is now about 17 cm long from the head top (crown) to the bottom (rump) and weighs roughly 310 grams. A 5th-month pregnancy baby size is usually about 10-inches (25.5 cm) from the crown (top) to the rump (bottom).

NOTE: Babies are normally measured from the crown of their head (top) to their rump (bottom) until about 20 weeks. Afterwards, the measurement is from their head to their heel. This is primarily because, in the initial half of the pregnancy, the legs of a baby are usually curled up against the torso making it hard to measure.


At this stage, it is normal for your baby to react to sounds-loud ones particularly. Your baby can actually hear noises outside your womb. And better yet, he/she can now hear and even recognize your voice. Familiar sounds, voices, and tunes that babies get accustomed to while developing, often calm them after birth. This is a crucial time for their sensory development since the nerve cells for every sense whether taste, sight, smell, touch or hearing, are now developing within the brain into their specialized areas.


Finally, in case you go for an ultrasound, you can spot your baby’s clenched hands that close and open freely. Amazing isn’t it?

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